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This is a simple topic on why I need my Serial Code in order to have my own password reset [EDIT TO REMOVE OFFENSIVE COMMENTS]. i should not need a security code to reset my password, and since I do why dont you put in big useful letters something saying not to discard it? Now if i lose my password i have to wait days for another one by bugging Arenanet staff, who could be doing important things, this is a form to fix the fact that we need it for anything else other than our initial log in. We should be able to have our passwords sent to our emails and reset like every other game without the serial code needed the serial code doesnt prove anything in my eyes other than that we baught a copy of the game at some point in our lives, are you telling me that hackers cant also just buy their own copy this doesnt help anyone its just a hassle, for everybody.

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We require the serial code to establish that the person asking for the reset truly is the account holder. Otherwise, anyone can write in, claim they’re writing from “an alternate email address” and steal your account.

And yes, we do include a message on the packaging that reminds people to retain their serial code.