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~Well, apparently my account was being hacked like a month ago… and this is what happened:

About 1-2 months ago, I was still playing Guild Wars 2 when I was still feeling it, but sadly, I felt like i needed to take a break from MMORPG, so I decided to quit GW2 for a short period of time. During that time, I constantly receiving e-mails from ArenaNet saying that “Failed to attempt log-in” from many different places in the world. For example, Tokyo, Europe, etc. So I decided to go on my account and change my password and also add in the “Authenticator” where “ArenaNet” recommends us to do for our own safety… So I did all that. However, just 3 days ago, I decided to join back some MMORPG action, I came back and checked on all my characters, all of the items I have farmed up back then is all gone… everything this is not account bound is now all gone from both my bank and inventory of all characters… even the ingredient materials as well. So I decided to submit a tick to Anet, but after I typed in a long kitten paragraph, they told me “Sorry, we are not able to refund any of the missing item, please give Guild Wars 2 another shot, if not, wish u the best.” Not lying… literally 2-3 sentences and then link me bunch of stuffs about how to strengthen my account security. I mean… Cmon Arena Net….. is only been like a month and my account is being hacked and u cant REFUND ANYTHING AT ALL!??? Back in the WoW days, I was able to miss out a whole year and they still able to refund all my stuffs back… this is such a big differences.

TL;DR – Left GW2 for 1-2 months, then account got hacked. Came back, ANet tells me they cant refund anything and good luck with my gaming…… GG

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Once again: We will be rolling out the Account Restoration Service in the near future, after which accounts involved in qualifying compromise incidents will be eligible for a “roll-back” to their previous state.