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As a previous WoW player, I would go at times to read their General forums it was in fact a deterrent against ever wanting to go play that game, I would then come back to the GW2 forums, read the civilized and constructive posts and how everyone was for the most part happy with the game. It was great…

Now in a single weekend, that has all changed. 200+ thread filled with hate and animosity against Anet, people claiming Bait and Switch, A complete change of Guild Wars mechanics at its core..now…WoW not looking so bad anymore, because I see things over there that I know, classes I understand, mechanics I know..and I know where Blizzard stands on gear and grinding. I know Raids = best gear, Dailies = Grind, Dungeon Finder meaning I can skip questing…

Guild Wars…not sure what to expect anymore..and after bringing several friends from WoW to Guild Wars…I am afraid I may have done them a disservice.

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This thread has basically come to people throwing insults at each other – I will close this thread. You are welcome to discuss all aspects of the game – but please do so in a respectful manner. We will close any thread that degrades to people just bickering with each other.