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Received 2 emails from Gw2:
1. 21/11/12 – Gw2 would like your feedback
2. 22/11/12 – Gw2 BLTC Black Friday Sales
Email Client: Thunderbird v.16.0.2

Redirection links provided in both emails are not functional

1. Direct clicked links.
2 Tested by: Right click & copy link location
3 Links for both emails exactly the same, checked in notepad
4. Tested in browsers:
Chrome: v.23.0.1271.64 / Firefox: v.16.0.2 / IE: 9
Server not found in all suggesting 404 errors.

ArenaNet Poster
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Hello there.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We proceed to forward this information to the team today. Please, Siliconmania, keep an eye on the bigger thread you posted .