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I tried to play this new one time event but sadly, it was too bugged for me, could not complete phase 1 due to bugs, phase 2 was so lame and boring that I lost interest, and phase 3, wow, it got to a new level in game bugs, I just could not log until the event was ended. Priceless, so I see my friends with cool rewards and I, well, got nothign because could not even log for SEVERAL HOURS. Nice go ANet. Should I be angry or dissapointed?. I did not get a thing from this lagging event, every phase I tried was bugged, especially phase 1, and the 3 was a full unable to log bang. Id hope, like with the rest of the bugs that have prevented some of us getting some fun from the game, that ANet quits playing with our time and starts fixing their issues, they have us still beta testing the game after so many months. Lame. and oh please, fix the forums as well, most of the time I can’t reply to the topics here with the error “You are not allowed to post/reply in this forum” Jeez.

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Hello Anteros.

Thanks for your feedback, which will be passed on to the team. In the subforum Game Bugs you can find more reports of bugs that are being discussed at the moment; feel free to contribute to those threads should you see it fit, as this helps the team to find quickly errors that can be fixed.

We proceed to close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.