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(this is in reference to ticket 121122-000274)

character: Wild Bill
issue: skill point refund pretty please? or reset at least 50 of my skill challenges?

I don’t know WHY this game does not have a sellback/refund option for karma and skill point items. Anyway..

Would it be alright if you removed this Mystic Pistol from my inventory and refunded me those 50 skill points? This would save me a lot of unnecessary frustration, as I am at 150 skill points and the only thing I really need to craft my legendary is the Bloodstone Shard.

Please, PLEASE, is there any way you can? Or maybe, reset some (or even all) of my skill point challenges, without resetting the explorer title completion? If you cannot rollback my skill points, I’d settle for redoing skill point challenges again.

I really hope you can help me out here. It really sucks that there is no refund for items bought with skill points and that the Eldritch tome (the 2nd most expensive item) is right next to the Bloodstone Shard…

If you are in doubt whether I really did accidentally waste 50 skill points, you can take a look at my entire trading post history and see that I haven’t purchased a Mystic Pistol. You can also see that it’s soulbound.

Again, I wouldn’t have the Mystic Pistol in the 1st place, had I not mis-clicked the buy window for the skill point NPC near the mystic forge.

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Hello there.

Slic, Customer Support does not currently make this kind of refunds. Although unfortunate, you made the purchase of that Mystic Pistol by yourself and it was not due to any internal bug or error. In that respect, a great deal of users are suggesting already in the Suggestions subforum the implementation of a confirmation pop-up that should fix this kind of issues.

Also, if you have already a ticket open you should wait till the resolution of it before coming to post on the forums. We understand that you want the attention that it is due to your problem but this is not fair for the other players that are waiting. If your ticket goes unanswered for three days, then proceed to post it here.

Thanks for your understanding.