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So my account was hacked yesterday. I have no issues with security breeches on my computer and no one knows my account information. Am I to understand all my items/gems are lost and I will not be able to recover them? If so this is poor game management. They should be able to look at the logs, see who got emailed all my gold and ban the lovely(sarcasm) people that did this. Also the only way they could get my information is from someone accessing their database. Could someone from Anet give me an answer? I would appreciate it. I am only one player out of many, I play with my wife and enjoy the game but now how can I be sure that anything of mine is safe in the game?

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Hello Likens.

We are sorry to hear about your situation. You can contact Customer Support through a ticket, if you have not done it already, as they are the ones you always need to contact in this kind of situations. They won´t probably restore what you lost while the hacking took place though as they do not have the tools for that at the moment.

Please, remember that we have two systems of authentication (mail and mobile) that you can use to gain extra security. We also recommend you to change the password to a unique one not used before.