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Well, i first got my account hacked at the beginning of September, for no obvious reasons. The hacker sold and stole every little thing i had and left me naked. I got my account back in about 5 days, from scratch, and i started building it up again.

Now i got kicked from the game with a notice that someone else logged on my account, and guess what? Pew pew, email address changed, you dear sir are kitten.e.d.

I was 2 gold and a Temple of Balthazar clear away from getting my Sunrise. (2 gold in cash, the mats i had were worth quite a god kitten lot)

So do tell me, how is this possible? HOW THE HELL can they hack my account again when i changed my e-mail address password like a week ago or so, and my GW2 Acc password 2 days ago after someone just complained about being hacked?

If they managed to hack my account again, does that mean they have access to your database? Which implies they have access to my/our personal information? From who we are to where we live and even our money? I mean come on…YOU HAVE to improve your god kitty kitten security already.

I’m guessing even if i get my account back in a few days again, i’ll be left yet again stripped naked without a dime and with no more legendary, right? I played about 900 hours to reach this point since release. Think about it before saying: Yeah, sure, just start from scratch again

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Hello Likens.

We are sorry to hear about your situation. You can contact Customer Support through a ticket, if you have not done it already, as they are the ones you always need to contact in this kind of situations. They won´t probably restore what you lost while the hacking took place though as they do not have the tools for that at the moment.

Please, remember that we have two systems of authentication (mail and mobile) that you can use to gain extra security. We also recommend you to change the password to a unique one not used before.