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Well, i first got my account hacked at the beginning of September, for no obvious reasons. The hacker sold and stole every little thing i had and left me naked. I got my account back in about 5 days, from scratch, and i started building it up again.

Now i got kicked from the game with a notice that someone else logged on my account, and guess what? Pew pew, email address changed, you dear sir are kitten.e.d.

I was 2 gold and a Temple of Balthazar clear away from getting my Sunrise. (2 gold in cash, the mats i had were worth quite a god kitten lot)

So do tell me, how is this possible? HOW THE HELL can they hack my account again when i changed my e-mail address password like a week ago or so, and my GW2 Acc password 2 days ago after someone just complained about being hacked?

If they managed to hack my account again, does that mean they have access to your database? Which implies they have access to my/our personal information? From who we are to where we live and even our money? I mean come on…YOU HAVE to improve your god kitty kitten security already.

I’m guessing even if i get my account back in a few days again, i’ll be left yet again stripped naked without a dime and with no more legendary, right? I played about 900 hours to reach this point since release. Think about it before saying: Yeah, sure, just start from scratch again

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Hello Likens.

We are sorry to hear about your situation. You can contact Customer Support through a ticket, if you have not done it already, as they are the ones you always need to contact in this kind of situations. They won´t probably restore what you lost while the hacking took place though as they do not have the tools for that at the moment.

Please, remember that we have two systems of authentication (mail and mobile) that you can use to gain extra security. We also recommend you to change the password to a unique one not used before.


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Hello everyone,

threads regarding hacked accounts have been merged here to keep the feedback in one place. Please use the search function before creating a thread, to check if similar threads already exist.


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You should know that we are looking into each case of hacking, including those weird ones that don’t seem to have a proper cause at all. Take heart — the “food-induced coma from Thanksgiving” is all fine and well, but our customers come first and hey, we can eat a turkey sandwich with one hand while pulling data with the other!

The one thing that I want to say is that the Security Team is confident there is no systemic issue (you know, database theft, server hack, that sort of broad issue) but it’s worthwhile to dig down — as much as we are able to do so — to see how personal data is being acquired.

And thank goodness the Account Restoration Service is coming very soon. We’ve been saying that for several weeks, but the emphasis on “very” is well-placed, and I know we all — players and GW2 Team members — will be greatly relieved to be able to roll-back a qualifying account to return it to the owner with characters, items, and wealth intact!

Thank you all for your patience!

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Hi Gaile, thank you for the update.

Can you confirm if players who want to recover their characters can do so with characters that were deleted / hacked before the tools are available?

If you can recover characters prior to the tools being release I am going to love you forever and give you a cookie..

Irontodge — I wish I knew the answer to that. It was my understanding that the ARS would be “From this point moving forward” but please don’t take that as an absolute statement of our abilities or of our practices just yet. This question, and the related issues, are at the top of my list for Monday, and in fact I’ve been reviewing and forwarding threads all weekend long, and the Security Team has actively been reviewing, discussing, and investigating this matter, so despite the holiday this is still a priority for all of us.

We want to roll out the ARS tool in its best and more practical (tested, perfected, accurate) form. If that means “from this point forward,” so be it. But certainly it’s easy to see there could be an argument for a broader (i.e., retroactive) use if that would maintain all the desired factors and up to the point that this was possible. For instance, if we had “snapshots” for a week prior to the tool’s implementation, maybe we could use those. Maybe not. (This is a question for the tool developers, QA, etc.)

So, lot of words there to say “I am not quite sure” but please be assured we are sensitive to the issue and will do the most we can for players within the capacity of the tool.

Thank you for your understanding and patience (and for the detailed reports you and others have shared with us).

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They had 11 000 or something like that accounts hacked after release.

Where did you get that figure? It’s absolutely not factual. Let’s don’t engage in rumour mongering.

Like others I wanna know this…
Because here you said we’re screwed anyway: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/account/Anet-still-don-t-have-a-char-recovery-system

So… I wanna make you realize that if you say ‘service is almost up!!’ and then we still won’t have our accounts rolled back… well, that would be a slap in the face…

And that is seriously something we do not want to do, you can be sure of it. However, any tool has limitations and practical parameters for operation. Since this is still in development/testing/pre-deployment state, it’s not possible to make a statement about the exact functionality quite yet. I am sorry, and wish there was more to say today but I think there will be more to say very soon.

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Thanks for the quick response Gaile.

I understand and appreciate how the tool may not be backward compatible.

I wont hold high hopes for recovering my deleted characters to save dissapointment, however, if at the time it is possible it would be awesome.

Dawn wasnt cheap and I am going to have a tough time collating the gold for it again!

I admire your good attitude, and thank you for it! Believe me, I love my characters and I truly do sympathize with the loss that you’ve gone through. (I won’t go into the whole "The first time someone PKd my Diablo II character, I cried, but I imagine if I did mention that, at least a few people would understand. )

It’s my dream we can reset qualifying accounts and I’m hoping that is what we find we can do!

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Don’t get me wrong Gaile, i was hacked in September myself, and i looked up the incident on the internet since it took 3-4 days to get my acc back, and people were stating you had about 10k acc hacked.

I am not working for ArenaNet so i did not know that for a fact, i just stated what i read someplace else.

Also, i second Irontodge in what he said, and lets hope you figure out the flaw part aswell.

Ah, I understand. Yeah, someone says something in passing, an exaggeration, and then it becomes adopted as fact. I’m confident that the number is just way wrong so I felt it was appropriate to do a “say what?” there.

Even if this was the case, it would just mean that too many people had trojans on their PCs and/or used the same password for everything, including their mail account.

A lot of people do use common passwords. I did a personal investigation of a small (<100) social engineering hack incident a few years ago, and I was amazed how many people admitted “Yeah, I’ve used the same password for everything since I got a computer.”

I’m not saying that everyone does, but the number was pretty startling!