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I know that there have been many forum threads about this already, but I’m getting desperate, and I hope someone can help me out.

Here are my specs:

Windows 8 Pro, 64-bit
ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series (5970 I believe)
Intel Core i7 Processor @ 3.2 GHz
12 GB RAM (DDR5 I believe)

I am pulling 2 – 8 FPS on Best Quality/Appearance, 8 – 12 FPS on Auto-Detect, and ~20 FPS on Best Performance. On games such as Skyrim and Crysis 2, I can pull 50+ FPS (usually in 60’s) on max graphical settings.

I have tried numerous fixes already, including:
- Disabling Hardware Acceleration
- Disabling Crossfire
- Disabling CPU OC’ing (though I thought that would boost FPS)
- Turning off Anisotropic Filtering and Anti-Aliasing
- Doing a clean install of AMD Catalyst & using latest drivers (12.10 I think)
- Made sure GPU was running at x16 speeds in the PCI slot (not x4)

GW2 Support will not help since I have Windows 8 — even though there are numerous people saying GW2 is performing great on W8.

There are also attached files from the GW2 Test, HijackThis log, and NetworkDiag log.

Any help/advice you can give is greatly appreciated!

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Hi ben – There are a very large number of variables that could be contributing to low FPS. To eliminate some of those possible variables, I’d recommend taking a look at this sticky post to see if anything on the “checklist” helps your in game performance.


If you’ve tried all of these steps and nothing seems to work please let me know because 4 FPS is a bit concerning.

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I completely understand where you’re coming from here. It is true that there is a large amount of players experiencing performance based issues, but as I told another player who was experiencing a different type of issue, we are not trying to place the blame on your system, but there is any number of variables that could be contributing to performance based issues and so it is our job in Technical Support is to eliminate all possible variables in order to come to a resolution and then escalate the issue to another department if necessary. While many players may also be experiencing performance based issues, the individual system and hardware setups can make two issues that look similar at first actually turn out to be incredibly different meaning there will be a different resolution.

So I apologize if suggestions for driver updates are sounding very much like a broken record to you, but the best way for us to gather information and troubleshoot performance based issues is if we can assist you one on one. I would recommend creating a support ticket and letting the Technical Support Team know all possible troubleshooting steps that you have tried in addition to providing a Game Advisor report. You may be asked for some additional diagnostic information which you may not want to post in the forums.

In the end, if we’ve exercised all possible troubleshooting steps with no resolution found, we may be able to have this issue looked into by other departments. Again, the more information that we have to collect, the more information that we can provide to have this issue looked into if it is not in fact the player’s system.

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@*Nova* – You’re most welcome! In regards your question concerning that thread, this is difficult to answer as I am not on the Development Team and so I don’t have any information on what was done with this information. This was, however, a good opportunity for us to get an idea of what sort of system setups were experiencing this issue and what sort of framerate these players were getting.

Unfortunately the best way to really assist players with these issues is one on one so that we can really narrow down any possible cause and have more ground to stand on as evidence that this is absolutely not a system related issue.

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Thanks for merging my 2pages Thread in this one “FPS issues”.
There were some usefull post inside that you simply merged and deleted, usefull to understand my specific issue and issues related to my PC and Hardware testing, plus was having a discussion with a guy that seems to understand what I need.

Thanks again for “MERGED”…maybe was hard for you to read 2 different thread about fps issues in tech support…

It was more than two threads and we’re sorry for any inconvenience.
It should be possible to continue the discussion with that user, you could for example send him a PM to let him know that the discussion continues in this particular thread.


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Unfortunately some post were simply deleted in the “Merge” things and i don’t remember the user.
Plus some post not inherent to my problem merged inside my discussion complicating and misunderstanding and giving wrong tips.
Anyway….lost my hope getting some help about my problem.

If this is the case, posts disappearing by merging threads is unusual was not our intention. We will look into this case.

I think the user you were talking about is kirito.4138?