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Regional Flagele fixes in patch don't actually workSource
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The following “fixes” don’t actually do anything, and are even broken at the moment.

•Dragon’s Tooth: The blast finisher for this skill now triggers at the spell location rather than the character’s location.

Dragon’s Tooth no longer provides a blast finisher of any sort.

•Mist Form: This skill now works with the Water Magic trait Cantrip Mastery.

Mist form still doesn’t receive a cooldown reduction with this trait.

•Evasive Arcana: This trait no longer creates unintended blast finishers.

Churning Earth is a spell with a blast finisher, and that doesn’t proc when using evasive arcana in earth attunement. Since the tooltip says the trait allows people to cast churning earth at the end of their dodge in earth attunement, this seems “intended” to have a blast finisher.

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Thank you for the reports; I’ll pass these issues on for further investigation.