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Whilst playing the game 10minutes ago I recieved an email telling me my email address has been changed – I have not requested this (nor can I find an option) so I submitted a ticket.

Since then I was logged out to character screen every 10-15seconds. With the last time being that I was on one character in Timberline Falls whilst another character was in lions arch – it is rather odd that 2 characters from an account can be online at the same time?

I was hoping that as this is happening while I am here and able to alert ArenaNet that they can check the IP’s before it has gone…. but judging by what my guild is telling me is occuring, it is already too late.

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Hello Neandramathal.

We are sorry to hear about this situation but the forums are not the best place to let us know about this; Customer Support is. Even if you have not found anything missing from your account, you should file a ticket and provide them with all the details of this incidence. You should also proceed to change your password and use one that you have never used before.

We proceed now to close this thread.
Thanks for your understanding.