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You know… there are some parts of this game that seem so lovingly detailed, so fawned over… that they just sing of artistry.

And then you have your dungeons and those are just crap. I’m level 80, a warrior, in cleric gear… healing shouts, all that good stuff. And I just watched my team get slaughtered again and again and again.

Seriously, when people ask me about the game I flat out say “Games good, but the dungeons are &#[email protected]”. Not even making that up.

Your dungeons seem so incredibly lazy… by comparison to the rest of the game. I have not played a single dungeon in your game that has not made me hate your game and want to avoid it. Has not made me want to tell other people about what a terrible job you’ve done on them.

I hate your dungeons. I hate the design philosophy you’ve employed in them. And they’re making me hate your game as a whole.

It’s easier to spot how shallow your game is in other places when it’s so glaringly apparent in your dungeons.

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Hello there.

Cappadocia, thank you for your feedback. To the rest, thank you for your contributions.