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I would like to bring up a couple of bugs that have been happening to me and my friends pretty often. The first most glaring one is the infinite loading screen error which probably has its own forum post already. This needs to get fixed. The initial fix was great but ever since lost shores arrived the bug has been back and frequent. Another issue all my friends and I are having is the weapon swap on our characters locking up. I have found no direct cause of this to help Anet w/ solving this issue but I can tell you nothing discourages and frustrates me any more than this bug. This also probably has its own forum post but I must express my concerns. Tonight is the first night I literally signed off because I couldn’t deal with the frustration of the continuous bugs. These fixes need to be high priority and fixed quickly because you are going to lose players due to this. I don’t think the team that worked so hard to put together such a great game wants to lose player base due to the game not executing properly.

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Hello there.

Candlecan, both issues have been already reported and the team is aware of them and working to get a fix. We understand that it can be frustrating to play while these issues are still there, affecting your gaming experience, but we ask you for a little bit more of patience till the fix arrives.

If you want to contribute to any of the open threads in the Game Bugs subforum, feel free to do it. We proceed now to close this thread.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.