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kRiza krimos.1637
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In my last run of HotW path 1 with random group, after last boss was killed somebody ( party leader or person that started dungeon ) kicked us from dungeon before even last cutscene was over. As result of this nobody was able to loot reward chest, boss corpse or to receive tokens.
This system is unacceptable and unfair to say at least. Perhaps this person didnt intended to do it, but such system allow for grievers to ruin players day.
Anybody had similar experiences?

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Hello there.

Yes, you can report people who display such an attitude to our Customer Support team using the in-game ticketing system. You need to provide as many details as possible, just as Lucas points out.

Bear in mind that like we don’t permanently ban anyone on the forums for first time offenses, the same goes in-game. The more you report, the better the game world will be.