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a lot of the stresses that people are experiencing right now are cultural. Players (many of which have spent several hundred hours experiencing content), are now doing fractals and have no interest in doing the older dungeons.

Is this not to be expected? How many times can you repeat a task before it gets kind of old?

So ofcourse Anet tried to keep their fanbase happy, they produce new content FREE OF CHARGE. To keep their cash cows content. Thats perfectly fine, a great idea from the company. In the meantime they work to appease some of their customers. They essentially add legendary accessories/armor (in the future). Now the people who have experienced several hundred hours of Guild Wars 2 have something new to aim for. They work to attain it.

Meanwhile, the newer players without several hundred gold in their bank accounts and are pimping rares are whining, because they cant essentially find a group instantly for any dungeon they want to run. The player base has fractured, because some people are further along than they are.

These players voice their displeasure with the fact people have invested more time into things than them (generally). Then the forums become a raging troll bonfire of annoyance.

so whats the solution?

Its pretty simple, socialize, make friends, join a guild. (hell im an introvert myself, I know it can be heard to make friends with random joe. Seriously though just find a large active guild that alone can save you a lot of time) The more you invest in the guild the more people respect you, the more people respect you the more likely you can convince them to run older dungeons with you.

As for the power of ascended armor, name a single game in the world that has equipable armor that does not have a power curve.

As long as they balance dungeons around the gear most available at level 80, there should never be a problem in the pve environment. As for WVW, it can be sort of unfair, but at the same time. I’ve never felt like I was weak in exotics versus a foe with a legendary, and while ascended gear will open the gap a bit. I am going to assume that ascended armor will not be so much greater than exotic, as ANet is more than aware of their #s. (so essentially WVW is a wait and see situation)


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