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Since this is a new subject on bot types it seems they are back. Recently in Caledon Forest there have been several low level thieves appearing at the Astoria Waypoint they use what looks like heart seeker some up to about 7 times then all of a sudden gone. Not that they left the game, but went into stealth permanately. This happened late last nite, and early this morning 11/23-11/24 2012. So what is going to happen with permastealth thief bots?

Some say bots have hurt the economy others say they balance the economy that I do not know. I do not want them I would rather have that many people playing. Bots are fake numbers of boxed sales. No one can use more than one character per account at any one time so they must buy more boxes to create and use several bots. That makes any games sales go up

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When you suspect someone to do botting, please use the ingame report tool or send a request to our customer support with all necessary details.

Thank you for your help!