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Hey guys,

I wasn’t sure if this belonged here or elsewhere.
We all know that the Digital Deluxe Edition is currently being sold for the price of the Digital Standard Edition. On the buy.guildwars2 site, it says “free upgrade” on the digital deluxe edition. This sounds to me as if people who already have the Digital Standard Edition can update to the Deluxe edition for free. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

If I’m right, I was just wondering if this will be made available to people who bought the game off of amazon. Because I only get the option to purchase the DDE for the reduced price, not to upgrade anything.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

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Here’s some info for those asking about this offer:

  • New accounts can purchase the upgraded Digital Deluxe Edition of Guild Wars 2 for the same price as the Standard Edition.
  • There is a limited time on this offer.
  • The upgrade is available in the BLTC for 2000 gems.
  • Yes, if you purchase the upgrade, you get all the goodies, the Miniature Rytlock, the ring, the buffs, etc.
  • You may upgrade an existing account at any time — there’s no short timeframe for upgrading, but the offer is short-term, and after that the DDU will be sold at a higher price than the Standard Edition.

Hope that helps!

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I see that a couple of people were confused by the wording. That was not our intention, and if you think about it, why would we suddenly give away hundreds of thousands of upgrades just “out of the blue?”

This is a promotion for the Thanksgiving weekend/Black Friday event. I’m sorry if you were confused, and I will pass along your comments to the Sales and Marketing Teams.