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ticket no: 121118-002383

Dear Sir,

Last Week(11/11/2012), I bought a GW2 as a gift to my Friend.
However, his account got suspended since 16/11/2012.
I have search the net and found what is the matter.
Reading posts in some forums, I sure my suspending not because of botting, spamming or gold selling.
Then, I tried to check my payment. I phoned to my bank and asked for the details.
Finally, I got the answer of why my account had suspended.

It is because the payment does not done properly.
The credit card center claim that they have transferred the money to CHARGE.NCSOFT.COM. However, the company(you) did not receive the payment.

In those few days, I keep checking the official forum of GW2. I discover that seems some people got the same problem with me and both of us got suspended for some days or even weeks.

I have submit some tickets from 16/11/2012. A GM had renewed from 121116-002285 to 121118-002383 and escalated my ticket to your Payment Review Team on 18/11/2012. However, I have not got any responding from the team since 18/11/2012. Is there any news from my ticket and the others.

So I doubt the payment got errors.
Please give us some news. We hope to get more information than ignoring us.

Keith Yuen

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I am sorry that you’re having to wait, Keith. These reviews are complicated because of all the factors: our billing system, the game account, the bank, the CC company. If you haven’t heard back in a couple of days, consider posting in the “Tickets for Review” thread above. But yes, it can take a while.