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Regional Flaghave digital deluxe, but no rytlock?Source
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I bought my digital deluxe edition as prepurchase. At that time, noone was talking about rytlock yet. I don’t believe I ever got him lateron. Theoretically it is possible I deleted him since I deleted two characters from the first day, but I think I would have noticed…

Is there a way to get my hands onto him?

btw: in the gem store digital deluxe is still available for me to buy.. although I already have it. Why?

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Yep, we can help! Please contact Support directly for help. Use the “Ask a Question” tab to submit a ticket and a team member will get this corrected for you.

Oh and the Gem Store question is a good one. The agent who reviews this ticket will be able to look into why you can see the upgrade offer if you already own the upgrade. Interesting question!