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Thank you so much NCsoft for fixing my old GW account so I can play GW again.


Now I have another issue:

When I first downloaded GW2 and installed the game, it asked me if I wanted to link my GW and GW2 account. For sure – duh… Everything went smoothly until I figured out how to get to the HoM from inside GW2 and get my stuff from the first GW account – nothing there ~ ack (with emphasis), even though it appeared that the accounts linked as requested as I can get to the HoM from GW2.

The problem is: GW2 did not link to the correct GW account. How do I know? I signed into my old GW account and my HoM is full of stuff but the HoM in my GW2 account does not have anything in it. Now – it won’t let me change it. I keep getting a 500 error everytime I try.

Is there a work-around for getting this fixed? I did notice that there is a “Temp” GW account that I did not ask for attached to my GW2 account but I’m afraid to do anything with it as it might just complicate things further as I have no “Temp” GW account associated with my original GW account.

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Lots of good info in our Knowledge Base about the HoM and its rewards. I feel that those question and answers will help you, but of course you can submit a ticket if you continue to have issues.