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Regional FlagHow do I delete my Guild Wars 2 account?Source
Lion Guns.4961
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My account was recently suspended and later banned after being accused of fraud at the start of the month and the reply from support states that there is no way to have my account re-opened. There were many back-and-forths with support but they are assuring me that this is irreversible. Recently my brother picked me up a physical copy of the game and I figured I would just start over since my highest leveled character is only at around lvl 40. However, I don’t want to create another e-mail just to make a new account.

Is there any way to delete my Guild Wars 2 account so i can re-use my e-mail to register for another account???

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If your account has been terminated, we cannot allow you to re-register using a new serial code. Please use a different email address. Consider using one that is unique for Guild Wars 2 and used for nothing else — that aids security.