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This is nonsence how can we change this? So im lvl 35 trying to level my alt by going thru a.c dungeons, almost all the people kick me because im lvl 35, now i have run this dungeon with lvl all lvl 35 – 60’s and did it flawlessly, so what gives?

Also dont say one good player at lvl 35 will slow down an a.c run, i can run it just as fast on my lvl 35 guardian as my lvl 80 theif.

The worst thing is when i try to explain this to the people saying im too low level, they don’t even beleive me? funny thing is the few i DID get in after they kicked me then i had to convince them otherwise, i was doing most of the work, so their you go proof the elitism = bad players.

Why are people like this..

lvkitten s

ps. How come this is censoreds? try this out guys ; type lvl35 – 60s

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Threads created for the sake of complaining are not allowed on our forum as they do not invite to constructive discussions.

I will therefore close this thread, thank you for your understanding.