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Bought my friend a copy of GW2 early since it was on sale and he loves stuff like the free mini he’ll get with the offer going right now. Problem is he finished the purchase and registered from his email but he has not been able to login at all.

From what i can discern over skype he got an email and a serial code then followed the email instructions to register it, but then when he went to login on gw2.com it tells him accoutn name is not valid. I havbe had him try to change his pw, and all the stuff it suggest in the support stuff to no avail. If he tries to reregister it tells him his serial is already registered so its like it worked but he just cant login.

He has never received any confirmation emails or anything after the first one he got, which doesnt soudn right, but i havent done this since release so i dont really remember how many emaisl you get.

Where does he go from here? There is no live support, he has submitted a ticket and not gotten any emails. Obviously he put in his email right because he got the initial purchase email btu has not gotten any since. Been a pretty bad waste of an afternoon that he was gonna try to get into the game during.

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Hi Kortam,

Thanks for letting us know that the issue has been resolved. And also thank you for all these tips that could be very useful for someone who wants to offer GW2 to one of his/her friends.

I close the thread.