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Nocturnal Lunacy.8563
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I noticed today that my guild bank was hacked. All the items in it were stolen. All it says in the history log was “Unknown User” removed… WTF? Accounts being hacked and now my guild bank hacked? My guild is Blue Hand Warrior Society [NDN]. MY IGN is Nocturnal Lunacy.8563.
My account wasn’t hacked but now that this has happened I think I will be changing my password and everything just to be on the safe side. My guild bank was filled with nothing but sigils and runes for the members of my guild to use and now it is completely empty. I’m not concerned about getting these back as it’s so easy to get more, I just want the responsible party banned and his fingers cut off so he can’t type. I’ve included a couple screens showing what was taken and who took it.
By the way, I am Diamonds Amethyst on one of the screens.

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I wanted to be sure that you’ve submitted a ticket about this. Go here and you can submit a ticket via the “Ask a Question” tab on that page.

For details on what information you should provide in your ticket, to expedite its response, please read The “How to Submit a Ticket” post.