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I go to login today to find ive been banned for a name violation. I have no idea which one. Name of my toons “Threeinchtoool” – “TankOfSpank” – “RagingHemroid” – " “HarryPalms” – My names mabe silly but they are hardly offensive. You have people botting – exploiting and buying gold. And I get banned over a name really ArenaNet. Please unbann my account there is no good reason for this suspension.

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Let me make it clear: You were not “banned.” A ban is a termination — a ban or a termination is forever. You were suspended, and with those names, you’ll be required to change every one that was flagged as offensive which, to my eye, is pretty much all of them.

Don’t choose a name that is borderline, because players cannot filter names and we want to make sure that names stay within the rounds of reason.

And consider your good fortune: You could have / might have been suspended for an increasing amount of time for each name. The support agent who acted on these names was kind to flag them all and put just a single suspension on the account. Choose wisely in the future, please.