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Something which doesn’t get mentioned often enough.

Anet has done something which no other MMO appears to do properly: takes exploiters and botters seriously and ban them. The big trains are completely gone. This is a major achievement.

Even in WoW there are constantly bots in BGs making your team lose, bots farming gold, exploiters everywhere, even at the top of the arena ladders. Blizzard has failed to ban them and continues to allow bots to impact on other players.

So here’s from me:

A kudos to ArenaNet for doing something that is very important for legitimate players, thanks for banning all those bots that plague the MMO and general online gaming world.

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Hi there,

We really appreciate that you take the time to give us your feedback about this situation. However, I would just like to make some quick reminders here:

- Do not post any screenshots/videos/names of suspected botters
- Stay constructive and polite

As long as those simple rules are respected, we will let this thread open.

Thank you!