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Theres some people here in forum, which are in fact a minority cause im glad we are a mayority but not so glad that many of this mayority stills playing. But it seems that a minority here do not understand our rage, sadness and DISAPOINTMENT with these game, so im making in this thread a little exercise for their minds and why not, if someone from Anet (but i know they aren`t the ones to blame) to understand whats the problem.

Imagine anything you like most, for example, apple pie. Now take the apple from it and you like it as before?

But that is not the worst, thats half the damage some of has recived. Remember the apple pie? Now not just takeout the apple from it, but replace it with the fruit/flavor you hate the most… Will you still like the pie you just buy?

Think about anything like and identify the thing you like most of it, then substrac it from the original product. It is as good as before to you? No. Now replace that thing you like the most with something you totally hate.

That`s what happend to us. GW2 still GW2. Like a pie still a pie no matter what flavor… But for most of us, they extracted the thing we like the most (the casualness non-mandatory grind horizontal progression) and replace it with what hate the most (hardcore mandatory grind which is in process to turn into horizontal progression).

That`s why we are not playing, we are downrating the game, and we are crying out loud in the forums without stop. And the biggest issue here, is not the actual change itself, but that they sold an apple pie and it turns to be a orange pie (i hate oranges).

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there have been enough threads discussing this topic. Feel free to post in any of those instead of opening a new one.