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Don’t make a fool of yourself. You can’t get a refund, most of the things claimed are not ground for a class action and whatever changed you agreed to up front with the EULA.

You can get your money refunded through your credit card company. Do note, however, that this WILL get your card flagged as fraudulent along with all other bounced credit cards used by bots. You may be in for more trouble than it’s worth and without the capability to pay for anything.

Third. If you think you have ground for a lawsuit or class action…. first and foremost contact your lawyer. Most will give you free advice whether or not a class action is feasible. Most will tell you there’s absolutely nothing to base a case on. If you do get a lawyer willing to file a case that’ll be dropped anyways, go to court, don’t post on the forums.

I do not agree with everything a.net did, but I do laugh every time someone claims he’s going to get a refund. Don’t make a fool of yourself.

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Hello everybody,
thanks for all your comments. However, this thread has derailed and it will be locked.
Thanks for understanding.