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Anyone else losing the grand enthusiasm they had for this game after the Nov 15th announcement?

For me, GW2 was proof that not all games had to follow the classical themepark formulas. A break away from quest hubs, raiding and gear grinds. Sure, leveling was a bit of a grind but once it was done, it was done. The game was about exploration and seeing new stories, not simply about chasing bigger numbers.

For the first 2 months, GW2 showed the world that not every game has to be like WoW to succeed.

Enter today- Orr is empty. Every city but LA is hanging on by a thread, and LA is only popular so that folks an spam LFG for fractals. Everyone is in FotM, trying to keep up with the first steps of the treadmill so that when the next step comes out they will be prepared. Love FotM or hate it, if you want to keep your character up to date on armor you will run them.

This doesn’t at all feel like the game I started playing. It went from a game where character stats were almost completely normalized, making them a non-issue, to suddenly being focused entirely on making my numbers bigger. :-\

With so many gear grinders already available out there, I was hoping this game would be an oasis for those of us looking to step away and do something unique and fun. I guess unique doesn’t pay well.

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Hello everybody,
as it has already been mentioned by some of you, there are a number of threads on this topic and there is no need to open more. It is highly recommended you use those existing ones to post your comments and feedback. The new ones are likely to get locked, in order to keep the sub-forum readable.
Thank you very much for your understanding.