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Regional FlagVID: Ele burst combo 25k dmg in 2 secondsSource
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Target happened to be afk, and I had to get way closer because he was on a hill making ground targeting difficult. You can initiate this combo from 900 range and it’s all on a knocked down opponent. Fire Grab did massive overkill but still would have been at least 10k without bolt to the heart (+20% dmg on target below 25% health).

I don’t think this combo was possible until a few patches ago when they fixed the responsiveness of stomp abilities like earthquake.

Feedback appreciated. I realize this is a very cheesy combo.

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for your contribution. However we proceed to close the thread now and redirect you to the already existing one, here. Making multiple threads with almost the same content in different subforums is not allowed as this is not fair to other members.

Thanks for your understanding.