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Ok i’m from Dragonbrand and was playing some Wvw with Darkhaven taking our keep then Garrison both times a thief phases in on top of the wall. I got some hits in on him then he phases back out off the wall about 4000 range heals up the pops right back in. i took a screen shot of him, as you can see they are hitting the burning oil in the shot but he is up on top before the gate or wall has been broke down. He is from Shattered Darkness. Is this some new hack because i’v never seen it. I’v heard of mesmer’s porting people in before gate have broke, but never just phasing in on a wall.

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Hello there.

As it has been already said, we are encouraging the players that see episodes of hacking/exploiting to send a report to the following email address, [email protected], where the issue will be looked into by the security team. Posting in the forums does not really help.

And please, remember not to use misleading titles: a server cannot be blamed for the action of particular players.