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If it just me or are there a Per stealth rouge at every dang supply now a days. I play a thief I do not perm stealth because I play the thief as its intended I don’t exploit. I believe this needs to be fixed asap. IMO this is ruining wvw. Not one of any profession should be capable of holding off an entire 20 man group of players from capping a point they fought hard to get. This will end up being a big game breaker for wvw if they don’t find a way to fix this. I for one can’t stand you types of thieves your weak players dependent on a defect of design and your never gonna convince me otherwise. Stop exploiting the game. Play with skill not cheap dirty tricks.

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In an upcoming patch the WvW capture points will be updated to follow the same rules as the PvP capture points with respect to invisibility & invulnerability. As a result invisible & invulnerable players will no longer contest capture points.