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Please nerf silver rewards of easy dungeons like AC and CoF. AC currently makes you about 3g per hour with a good group, much more than you can make off in dungeons like arah or coe. This is totally unbalanced and leads to inflation and people farming off easy dungeons just for the gold. Every day people in my friendlist/guild try to force me to farm it with them, since its just that much more profitable than anything else unless you get lucky drops.
For the record AC gives 10s for troll, 10s for Kholer, 10s for spiderking, 5s per champion graveling after Kholer, 15s for endboss and 26s endreward. Doesnt this seem totally out of line for a dungeon which can be completed in under 30min? If you add buff food with 30 or 40% additional gold it becomes even more outrageous.
Not to mention the bags of wondrous goods with another 2-4s each, 3 tokens and 400 karma.

CoF gives a bit less money, but still very fast and easy for the money/hour.

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Right now, with the way our dungeons are balanced, it’s not an easy thing to nerf/buff/balance the rewards for each dungeon individually compared to other dungeons. Even within a single dungeon’s paths there can be different difficulties (Detha vs Hodgins for example), so making AC reward different from CoE would still not be entirely fair.
We made the update as a blanket fix to dungeons, which as a whole were having loot problems. My feelings towards Arah vs AC rewarding is of course that there is an imbalance due to time that is fairly steep, but rewards shouldn’t be based solely on time, but also on difficulty. I personally lean towards a skew of 70/30 in terms of difficulty:time in regards to reward, but that requires a finer granularity in rewards that we didn’t get with the blanket fixes to the loot system.

Rest assured though, that we are not done with loot changes. We are always analyzing, evaluating, and changing as needed to try and make things better.


Since coin rewards was a heavier topic in this thread than general rewards, we looked at some of the most profitable farming spots in the game, and knew we had to bring dungeon rewards up to a point that made dungeons worth running to people interested in farming, that way we could spread the player base out a bit more and bring them to dungeons.
Dungeon coin reward buff will have little impact on inflation, due mainly to the fact that it isn’t any more profitable than some of the higher farmed areas in the game.

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I’m sure he’s aware that dungeons like CoE are leaps and bounds more difficult than AC, and also more time-consuming, and thus deserving of better rewards. These tweaks will be present in future, as-of-yet undetermined, patches for sure.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.