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I am bringing this to attention again because this is the SECOND time this has happened to me.

Basically, I bought a couple of Ghastly Grinning Shield Skin (Halloween shield) before Halloween ended.

Some time ago, I listed the first one for sale for 25g. It got sold but I didn’t receive any money from TP. I created a thread about it here: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/bltc/Did-not-get-money-from-TP-sale/first#post761176

I also submitted a ticket regarding the first sale, but the support response is we are looking into the issue. I got back to them asking for more info, but haven’t got any reply back yet.

I sold another shield of the same type this week (possibly in the last 48 hrs). This time again I did not get any money. I remember listing it for 29g 45s.

UPDATE: Both appear in my “Item’s I’ve Sold” list. The TP says I sold my second one 9 days ago! What a joke! 9 days ago, it was selling for around 24-25g and not around 29g. The second shield was in my “Item’s I’m selling” list just 2 days ago. Someone explain to me why there is a discrepancy here.

So, did anyone else have major issues getting money from TP? I keep getting burned for no reason (25g + 30g). There must be a bug somewhere and Anet needs to look into it.

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This issue was addressed in another thread.