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Why is it we can’t just buy the amount of gems we need instead of these odd package amounts? 800, 1600, 2800, 4000. I wanted to upgrade my game to the digital deluxe version for 2000 gems but I can’t buy just 2000, I need to buy 800 + 1600 or 2800. If I did, I’d have gems left over that I really didn’t want. I know I could use the leftover gems for something else but it’s really the principle of the thing. If I want to upgrade something else like bag slots or an extra character slot I would like to do it when I want, and only then I would like to purchase more gems.

This is one of those reasons I’ve never purchased anything off the Wii shop channel or xbox live points because I always felt like I was being scammed into buying more than I needed. It’s the reason I’ve decided to just grind out in-game gold and convert it to gems, even though it will take a lot longer. At the very least let us purchase our own gem amounts in increments of 100 or something. (as far as I know most everything in the TP that sells for gems are in multiples of 100 anyway.)

To be honest, I don’t mind spending real money on this game, I just don’t want to feel like I’m being bent over a table to do it…

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If you want only a very specific number of gems, you can always use the currency exchange.