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Can someone link me it? I’ve never used reddit would love you lol

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Sure thing. The AMA is going on now at this link

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“E9:There are no ways to repair inside of fractals aside from cash shop items, providing an inherent advantage to people who pay for advantages. Can this be fixed?

Well it certainly wasn’t designed to be a monetization resource, however i do see your point. We wanted to get rid of rez rushing and focus more on parties working together to not die and die less (-: We will continue to monitor the need for repair in the fractals and go from there.

Sorry if i am not giving more details here but this is something i would like to get metrics on.


Who are you trying to fool here? THE MOMENT I saw the article about having a hub between 3 fractals where you could repair and sell items, the first thing that crossed my mind was that repair canisters were going to play a major role here.

You developed this content for 3 months, and you are telling me that the though NEVER CROSSED YOUR MIND?

What you are doing here is basically lying in the face of your players, and unfortunately for you it’s extraordinarily telling this time around.

Just wow…

Hi Gab Superstar,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I just wanted to take the time to correct some of your assumptions. Let me be very clear here:

‘At no point did we discuss or design lack of repair points in fractals to be a monetization gain for us.’

It may not be obvious to you (which is totally understandable) that this team is spinning many plates at a time and sometimes we miss things. So let me explain how we came to design there being no repair point in fractals:

- We wanted groups to win encounters through skill rather than blind force, therefore…
- We removed rez rushing. We removed way points and replaced them with checkpoints that could only be used when the whole group was down, this meant….
- That group members would spend more time keeping players alive resulting in less deaths. Should a group come across an encounter that is to hard…
- They would stop playing or spend the time to work out the encounter or both.
- We absolutely did not want players continually running into their deaths.
- The decision was therefore made that there was no need for repair points.

Due to a lot of things going on at once we did not realize that this could be seen as a cheap way to monetize our players and had we have thought of this (thanks to the original poster for bringing this to our attention) we would have/will look at the system and see if we can fix the issue with breaking any of the design pillars surrounding FotM.

I hope this sheds some light on the concern.


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“Do you stand behind the decision of having the levelling system in FOTM, essentially fracturing your player base into many, many, different portions, with players only looking for the specific level they need to advance through level difficulty?
It was never a conscious decision to fracture the player base through the Dungeon. Honestly we were aware the dungeon was good but we didn’t know just how popular it would be. Nearly straight away we saw the issue and have been working on a fix since, we have explored multiple system”

Good on Chris for owning up to this issue but quite frankly I find this unbelievable. As soon as it was announced there were people on the forums stating that it was going to happen.

And the moral of this story is that i need to pay more attention to the feedback we are receiving. There is a great deal going on so a method of more open communication between the teams/design and the community would be great and I intend to work on how we can accomplish this.