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Regional FlagDo Permanent items still drop in BLT Chests?Source
Vereen Silenthunter.2704
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Those items:
Personal Black Lion trader Express
Personal Black Lion Merchant Express
Permanent Bank Access Express

Do they still drop from Black Lion chests?
It’s the main reason I purchase Black lion key, but I’m at 150€ spend (100 today alone) in keys so far and got none of them.

How rare are them to not drop after more than 100 chests open? To be honest, I feel kind of stupid for spending so much on something that could/should be sold directly on the Gem store and have my inventory cluttered with non stacking black lion tools just because the RNG on those is on par with Precursors.

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The permanent items are rare, but the nature of random chance items means that you could get lucky and get a rare item after opening two chests, or… you could “roll” badly and open hundreds of chests and not get one. That is the way random chance works. However, Black Lion Chests do give useful items every time you open them. You may not get that elusive rare item you hope for, but you will get something you can use. As always, we do not encourage anyone to spend more money in the Gem Store than they are comfortable with.