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Regional FlagIn my opinion, Bjarl The Rampager is ridiculous.Source
Serromus Jakta.3987
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I was doing Crucible of Eternity path 1 with a group of friends, we struggled against the subject alpha and his infernal areas but then after that came this boss called Bjarl, it’s a cool looking boss but the thing is that we damaged him with 0’s, 50’s and luckily sometimes 100’s plus the life he has is extremely high. In my opinion i think it is stupid and moronic to put a boss which takes a millenium years to take down, i mean what if i don’t have the time enough to finish it? I am sure people don’t have like 2 hours to kill a boss maybe even more than that. We took like 45 minutes to take his life down to maybe possibly a 85% after that we decided to quit and we wasted all of our time. Arenanet, i ask you to please overlook this because it’s way too ridiculous, if anyone else has an opinion about this please i would gladly love to read it, thank you

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sorry about that, but he is currently bugged. Will be fixed in the next patch.