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Regional FlagWhat is the Loot Bag despawn timer?Source
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That’s basically the question. How long do WvW kill Loot Bags remain in the world to be looted?

Searched the forum and didn’t find any answer or even the question asked, which I thought odd.

I’m really curious because it seems inconsistent – last night I was killed outside our East keep, Loot Bag on the ground – ran all the way back from Garrison and it was still there. No idea how long that took but it seemed forever.

This morning, I was manning an Arrow Cart during an East keep siege. During the fight I had six or seven Loot Bags around me, but had no opportunity to get off the cart and loot them for only a few minutes (three or four). When I finally did, all had despawned but one. That is some lame stuff there.

So what’s the timer value? Anyone?

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Loot bags despawn after 3 minutes.