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I know modding is legal. Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/10a0qk/official_response_clarifying_the_stance_on_mods/

I still get a huge amount of trouble most days from suggesting people try basic things, like a colourblind mod, reduced/altered particle effects, weapon/armor reskin/recolours, video recording and screencapture tools, and alternative music players.

So, I’d like it if a Dev could give the official stance right now, and then maybe sticky this someplace, so that people will know they won’t be banned for being colourblind and changing the colours of hard to see effects, or for making gameplay videos, or for running a lightweight music player, instead of -nosound and iTunes hogging your resources.

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The policy on third party programs was linked above.

I just want to re-iterate from that policy that we do not review or approve any programs.