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It is becoming almost impossible to run fractals without having to put up with exploiters/hackers/bugabusers on my team. When it gets to the level of people walking through walls (like the increasingly popular dredge fractal exploit) it just starts to become ridiculous.

I’m often having to leave groups because of this, since I like actually playing the game instead of just bugging everything. I have also started to report people seriously abusing obvious bugs (like the dredge fractal walking-through-walls bs). However it seems that anet does not care at all – these kinds of bug should be hotfixed not left in the game for weeks. Soon it will be the case that I wont be able to run fractals anymore because I will just get kicked for not exploiting.

Fix this Anet!

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Could you please outline other exploits/bugs you find in the game? If you’d rather not speak in public I’d be glad to PM with you instead.

Known list of exploits/bugs:

1. The dredge fractal exploit – you can walk through the back wall behind the switch that you use to open the door to the next stage.

2. On the colossus fractal the final seal is damagable with certain (aoe?) spells, so you can get the boss to 3/4 hp then just kill the seal.

3. Swamp – It is possible to bug the mossman into a different form permanently, where he no longer has invis or any ranged attacks. Gets stuck in Bear form no matetr what health %

4. In the Colossus fractal, it’s possible to climb the rock to your right when you first start the fractal and range the champ. He doesn’t move and continues to take damage. You can trigger the cutscene before he dies and continue to progress.

5. You can attack a champion (usually the ettin) in the asura fractal using melee attacks while it is still on the other side of the barrier. If you begin attacking it this way and then midway stop and release it the way you’re supposed to, it gets stuck inside its holding cell and the only way to kill it is to get inside the cell and attack it there.
The ettin on asura fractal is attackable through the glass. Whats even worse is if you kill the power node while someone is trying to bug it (there is always someone) he just stays in his cage and you have to fight him inside it.

6. Asura Fractal: Sometimes tom bugs so you cant throw the crystals in their supposed machine. Dont know how to produce this bugs though.

7. Swamp Fractal: One time we bugged Mossman so that he was only visible for 2 seconds before going invisible again all the time and he threw his agony axe out of stealth which made it kinda impossible to dodge.
I think we produced this bug due to kiting him to the “backyard” of his house.

8. Dredge and giant fractal: Our mesmer isnt allowed to use his number 2 staff ability anymore because then he bugs into a wall and does not get out again preventing the whole group from progressing (kinda like he dc’ed…)

9. Ascalon fractal, you can bypass the gate event by jumping over a wall to the left side

10. colossus is when someone falls off and dies instead of respawning in the downed state. I’ve even seen it when the hammer is left floating in the sky when someone dies after falling.

11. killing the Archdiviner before the cinematic bugs out the entire fractal.

12. Sometimes falling off the side of the colossus fractal, you will not get teleported back to a spot you can get res’d at.

13. for Rabsovich, the group decided to pull him out of the room to fight him away from his adds, completely debasing the whole fight.

14. if the hammer is on the ground when the colossus fractal is over and you pick it up before you go onto next fractal – after loading screen – all group moves to the next fractal but you stay behind in an all-empty colossus fractal.

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Swamp – It is possible to bug the mossman into a different form permanently, where he no longer has invis or any ranged attacks (or agony?). I do not know how this is done. I have been in groups where the first comment is “bug boss?” on this fractal quite a few times.

We’re aware of the other two. Could you expand on this please?

how about FIX not being able to come back in after someone disconnects and other game progressing blocking bugs that have been brought up :/ and get rid of the awful random rng rings drop who’s idea was that?

please keep this topic to exploits. If you have frustrations on other things, please go to the appropriate threads. This thread is about game breaking bugs, so if you have any please post them so I can either add them to my checklist, or ensure the fix is in for them.

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Because people are talking about it, and I’d rather not see it in this thread any more…

DC and rejoining isn’t my department. I’m a designer fixing design exploits/bugs and map exploits. We have people on the DC issue already, and we are working to fix it.

I will be getting a forum mod to come through and clean this thread up. Please keep this thread on topic.

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Right now I’m mainly compiling a list of those things people are bringing up so I can appraise what people are saying in a concise area. This thread got a bit distracted (still waiting for a Mod to come in and clean up), so I basically just grabbed things I saw and put them on the list I felt needed to be quickly looked into.
To my relief a vast majority of things people are bringing up are things we have already recognized and have fixes in for.