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Hello guys, since now i understand this product no longer meets the launch specifications its time for me to move on, this is a honest question and i would like honest answears, im not looking for trolling nor i am angry at this point anymore, now that i got official confirmation the way this game is heading i no longer can play it gw1 style, so my question right now is:

Can i find a game like gw1? where i can reach max gear and max stats in a matter of few days and stay max stats forever?
I want all the classes, thats waht i was doing in GW1, i had all 10 classes fully leveled and maxed up in gear, i was having a blast with that game for over 4 years, i would like to see something similar to it, thats why i bought GW2, at first i didnt like the fact that i had to waste around 1 week to get a fully leveled char and then work out on exotic which could also take more than a couple of days, but ive tought that since its max stats its NP and i can live with that, so if u find any alternative game to this i would welcome it alot, it can even be from ANET.

TY for ur help!

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Hello everybody,
thanks to those who gave feedback. However, as you know, the thread is off-topic and it has to be locked.
Thank you very much for your understanding.