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I’m confused. Prior to the AMA, everyone was up in arms about the new gear tier and the way it’s been implemented. Chris has now said over and over that the dev team acknowledges that they made several missteps in many aspects of the patch, but they are learning from them and don’t intend to repeat them. Also, he’s said outright that the problems brought on in the patch will be made right.

It’s not just the FotM/Ascended gear issue. Many other points that I’ve seen brought up again and again here over the last few weeks have been touched on in the AMA. Quite a few times Chris has stated that the dev team is working on fixes. But now all I’m seeing here is “OMG it’s all PR nonsense and deflections!” My god people, is it possible to please you? Do you actually prefer to believe that the dev team is trying to trick you into playing the game as long as possible while they steer as far away from their own manifesto as possible?

Calm down. The sky is not falling. It may seem that way because of rendering bugs, but I’m sure they’re working on that too. You’re choosing to believe that Anet is desperately trying to cheat you out of your money when it’s just as likely that they are simply learning from their mistakes while trying to produce an incredible game.

Thanks for your hard work, dev team. Don’t let the rude kids get you down.

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Hello everybody,
thanks OP for your post and thanks to those who gave constructive feedback. However, as it has happened with other threads, this one has derailed and comments that no longer belong here appear once again. Due to that, this one will have to be locked.
Thank you very much for your understanding.