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Basically i was waiting for the game since it was mentioned, and whyle waiting i had terribly good fun in Gw1, with its amazing community.

When gw2 got released (including betas) i had a bit of mixed feeling, because i was not happy with the Engineer and Mesmer. I wished for some really innovative and new idea, or some Expansion class remade. But hey there is still necro i sead, its still my faw class in all games, and Anet implemented it the best so faar. So i started playing…..

And at 20 got so grossed by Necromancer’s design i started rerolling. After like a half month of terrible practice in pvp and pve with all the classes, i decided on guardian, and got trough 50…But i could not press on anymore.

I was trying to realize why, and here are the resons that destroyed my game experiance :

Combat extremely simple, whitch is good somethimes, but mostly just boring. Builds dont really affect how you play, you still dodge, and spam dmg or “support” skills. The only thing that differs is the timing at best.

Weapons-Classes are limited, you cant costumize your combat-game play at ALL. I missed SO MANY class aspects, like a dual saber(sword) ranger (whitch supposed to be one of the core fantasy class aspects). Or a Decent all araund wizard, and not an Caster specialized in Elements only. Or a Sniper like rifle user. But mostly i missed a divine class, that was present in gw1.
Not to mention you cant wield any weapon you want, or if you can, it propably has another themed skillset you wanted to use,like : It has aoe explosions instead of a long range nuker set-_-

The trinity. Trough there is no trinity and you should be able to “run dungeons” or play in team with anyone, but basically it takes 50 min to find a party to anywhere anyway. But you even lose the ability to specialize or take a role up in the team, whitch is FUN.
You can take up roles anyway? BS-Your so called “support” is not a role, you do that anyway. Not like its a big fat support, all you do is apply temporal “buffs”, or debuff the enemy sligtly. And there is no souch role as CC,if there would be…the game would be totally BS, when cc ing becomes a role in mmorpg, count me out.

The lack of recostumization of character. And items from Black Lion. The unused fantastic opportunityes missed like : alternate skill and spell effects. Alternative turret,banner,pet skins. And so on.

WvWvW good design, but way to big maps…..split them to 2/10 th size and progress the players on the parts each week, like Ab battles did in Gw1….(keeping all the aspects like caravans and supply posts in each of them)

The game is still Gear dephendant….its quite hard to do anything with undergeared character. After 80 ofc it wont matter, till you introduced ascended gears-_-

Anyhow i just wanted you to know, i barely log in anymore, and lost all motivation to play.

Dont take me wrong I gave Gw2 5 years, i wont give up jet, but i waited another 3-4 months for anything to happen, and it is only becoming worse. So how moch time i should give it? Till expansions? Till second Expansion? Sorry lads, but if you dont make something serious with the issues (that not only i have, i can clearly see that now) i am off.
I dont play money for it anyway? If it would be good i would consider that.
Besides i bought 3 games (2 for my friends), and spent the game’s cost 2 times in gems alredy. So what ever. Byez Gl Hf….Cya soon……i hope -_-

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Hello Nekroseth,
thanks for your feedback.