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First let me start by saying that I always have been defending ANet (sometimes too vigorously) through all the latest complaint posts and accusations.

My position on vertical progression is quite mixed but lately (and I never played GW1) I understand some players that defend the theory that games shouldn’t evolve in stats as I realized after years and years of HC raiding in the other “oh-so mentioned mmo” that I really don’t want to do more X dmg so that the boss has more Y dmg. Really doesn´t make sense. (I had a laidback opinion on this some days ago yes).

I still try to keep my hope alive at doing it but that AMA sure got me confused and worried.

1 – I don’t think Chris or ANet prepared themselves properly for the questions which I find weird unless they really don’t read anything on the forums. I mean most of the questions answered are we are looking into it and even those they decided their philosophy on are being answered with a “we are looking into it” answer.
At this point Chris should be prepared and with all info to be able to disclose a path of progression on GW2 cause at the moment I’m really not sure what to invest on.

Should I go for legendary as I already have the precursor? Dunno cause 15 days from now it could be much easier to obtain and I will feel kinda ripped.

Should I farm for X or Y tokens? Again don’t know as they might be coming by larger bunches.

These are examples of questions that should have been answered and mind you they were asked but they got poorly replied to.

I don’t foresee any “end of the world” nor this is that kind of thread but the indications from that AMA kinda remind me of SWTOR and how it ended up. Now ANet is much more experienced than Bioware at making mmo’s so I clearly was expecting more insightful answers.

What do you guys think?

Did you get a sense of fulfillment out of the AMA?

PS I know there’s a thread about the AMA but since I wanted to get some opinions I know after 3-4 posts the chain would be lost so I hope you understand that.

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Hello everybody,
please refer to the existing threads for topics being discussed at the moment.
The sub-forum needs to be kept clean, organized and readable. These rules apply to all with no exception.
Thanks a lot for your understanding.