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EDIT: Can’t use the TP at all. See my new post.

TLDR: A glitch in the trading post ate about 11g across multiple offers canceled within a minute of each other. Since I don’t play much and use most of my gold for gear and character slots, this is between half and a third of my usable wealth. Ouch.

Yesterday evening, about 14 hours ago, I canceled a buy offer for a mystic conduit (a bit more than 10g, no idea about the exact sum), a stack of silk scraps at 9 copper each, and between five and eight stacks of large bones at 16 copper each. I got none of the money back. I asked in guild chat if this had happened to anyone before, and apparently I was the first, despite there being several market flippers among us.

I changed characters and finished up my dailies, hoping it’s just a time issue. After between 30 and 60 minutes, I did a full relog. Still nothing. I went to bed. Just a few minutes ago, I started the game and checked again. Nothing. The only character to have interacted with a black lion agent during that time, and thus able to take the gold, is my trading alt, and there’s 0 copper on him – spent it all on candy corn three days ago. I checked several times, the buy orders have been removed properly from my list of buy orders (only candy corn there now).

I’m posting here because there’s no real ticketing system in place yet, and a bug report is unlikely to get my gold back. Has this happened to anyone else?

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We are aware of the issues with the Gem Store and Trading Post right now. We are working to resolve it. Thank you for your patience.