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Hello to any and all involved. I purchased a retail copy of Guild Wars 2 during Black Friday but did not get a chance to redeem it until yesterday. Unfortunately, upon the time of redemption, the deadline for the DDE upgrade had passed. Is there some way to get the DDE upgrade anyway or am I out of luck?

Thank you for any response GW2 team.

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I do not understand the question. There isn’t a redemption period. If someone purchased from our website — buy.guildwars2.com — during the Black Friday promotion, they would have received a DDU code and that code would have worked just fine when they created their account.

There was no offer for us to upgrade retail copies for free. The upgrade was on the “buy” button on the website that leads directly to buy.guildwars2.com. Basically, “If you buy through this offer (clicking this button) you will receive the DDU for the price of the Standard Edition.”

As far as I know, none of our partners offered any sort of free upgrade promotion, but if they did, then you would need to speak with your retailer to find out the details of their individual promotion.

If I have misunderstood the question, please let me know.