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I have a friend that contacted support and was told that changing display name is currently not available. However, he also said and I quote “Don’t worry as you won’t be stuck with that display name forever. We only need time to allow this feature.”

As we’re all under the impression that changing the display name is coming (also from the Answers section even during the pre-purchase times), if according to recent posts I’ve read here that it may not come, are we allowed to get a refund whenever Anet confirms if we’re actually not getting this feature(years down the road)?


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Whether we enable the ability for individual players to change their Display Name is still in question. There are good reasons to allow it, and our Support Team will help in cases where it’s necessary. But there are compelling reasons to not allow arbitrary changes upon demand, including allowing people to hide from a bad forum reputation, to scam people and then change identities, even to try to avoid detection for offensive behavior or harassment by, they hope, making it more difficult for Support to research a report.

Players are welcome to discuss a refund request with Support at any time. I can’t help but wonder why someone would leave a game they were enjoying because of the lack of a single feature of this type, but Support will make the final decision about a refund request.