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Title: The Basics of WvW and the start of a comprehensive guide!


Inspired by this thread: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/pvp/wuvwuv/WvW-Forums-our-failure/first#post877012

Please Please PLEASE, suggest improvements or point out mistakes as then I shall amend them! I’ll be adding a useful links section too!

I recommend that you also read through and look at the links in the fourth post so to get an even better idea of WvW and the current playing field it is in!


What Is World Vs World Vs World?

Well in a nutshell this is what World Vs World vs World is (WvWvW): It is a form of Player vs Player Vs Enviroment in which players go to one of four ‘battlegrounds’ and fight to take control of different ‘Outposts’ against two other severs. With each ‘Outpost’ you hold, depending on the size and importance of the ‘Outpost’, you get given a certain amount of points every 15 minutes. The more ‘Outposts’ your sever controls, the more points they get every time there is a point tally. The winner is the server with the most points at the end of a one week match up.

Outpost breakdown

There are 5 classifications of Outpost in WvWvW, in ascending worth of points: Sentries, Supply Camps, Towers, Keeps, Stonemist Castle.

Sentries: Sentries are points on the maps which are guarded by a single Veteran Guard. They are easy to take with most people being able to solo them quite easily.

Point Value: 0

Supply Camps: Supply camps are a small outpost at which Supply Dolyaks and supply spawn at (see below for supply and Dolyaks). They have in them Guards, a Quartermaster and a Supervisor. Supply camps are the second easiest to capture, I have seen it done with as few as 3 people but an non-upgraded camp may be able to be taken with as little as two.

Point Value: 5

Towers: Towers are small outpost which are dotted around and have a single wall and gate to defend them. the wall is manned by NPC’s and the Tower Lord is also Surrounded by NPC’s. To claim a tower you must breach the wall and kill the Tower Lord. We Song have breached a tower numerous times with as few as 4 people, but I highly recommend using 6+ to take on the Tower lord and his guards.

Point Value: 10

Keeps: There are three keeps on each of the borderlands battlegrounds (one at the east, one to the west and finally a central one), and three in Eternal Battle grounds (South East, South West, North), one for each sever. Keeps are similar to towers in that to take them, you must kill the Keep Lord. The difference is they have a two tier defence; Two walls, Two gates to get through. What is on the inside of the keep varies between each keep.

Points Value: 15

Stonemist Castle: Stonemist castle is a unique building, is is about the size of 4 keeps and is extraordinarily hard to capture. Stonemist has Two main walls, each with 3 entrances (one for each server). In between each wall is a massive courtyard. Then there is the second wall which you must breach. Once breached you enter the Stonemist’s interior, a three tier tower. On the bottom floor is a massive room with only a few Npc’s on, on the bottom floor is the Castle Lord also. On the Middle floor you have a load of NPC’s much like the top floor. But also on the top floor there is Balcony’s which extend outward to overlook the courtyard.

Points Value: 35

Npc Objectives

Throughout the Borderlands and the Eternal Battlegrounds you will find a little symbol which is two axes, one pointing up and one pointing down. Now these symbols signify an area which means that if you server controls it; they will be rewarded with NPC help. Normally to gain control the event asks you to ‘help’ a certain race such as Quaggans. Normally this revolves around thinning out a particularly aggressive enemy race in the area or gathering something. On the Borderlands you get three Quaggan weather nodes, each associated to a keep. Simply do the event to gain control of them and then the associated Keep outpost will either get a healing storm if the keep is yours or a lightning storm to damage siege and players if it’s the enemy’s. Also on the Borderlands is the ‘Temple Of Storms’, here you kill Krait and stand in the capture ring until it is yours. This one sends a few Quaggan squads to help defend locations on the map such as camps and the gates of some keeps.

On the Eternal Battlegrounds you have 3 of these NPC objectives, situated midway between each server. These ones when captured simply send a squad of NPC’s to help guard the two nearest camps to it. The Ogre camp is between the Blues and the Reds, The Hylek Camp is Situated between Greens and Blues, and finally the Dredge Camp is situated between Reds and Greens.

Note: The Dredge camp when captured will also spawn special turrets which shoot enemy players. These spawn at Nearby towers.

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Stickied for greater visibility. Good job getting this together!